Introducing Our New Product Design: clara by Vanguard

Introducing Our New Product Design: clara by Vanguard

Posted by Lisa, Aesthetics Manager on on Apr 21st 2023

As Spring brings renewal, it is a perfect season to introduce an updated look to our clara Medical Skin Care packaging. We had a few goals in mind when making some changes to our namesake product line.

We wanted the branding to reflect our special relationship with Vanguard Skin Specialists. We know many of our clients and patients found us through their trust in Vanguard. By designating that with the change to “clara by Vanguard”, we recognize and value our place within this Practice.

Our teal scrubs set as a part when you see us within Vanguard Skin Specialists. It is the color we use in the name “clara”. We looked for ways to bring that legacy color into the clara Medical Grade Skin Care brand in a fresh way.

Some of the containers have been updated as well. Rest assured; the medical grade formulas inside are the same ones you have been using. The quantities and prices also remain unchanged. You may notice that some of the containers themselves are smaller, this is an effort to reduce packaging.

We made these changes with you in mind. We are proud of the results our clients get with all of our products. In updating the look of our clara by Vanguard products, we hope you enjoy looking at them on your countertops and cabinets at home as much as you enjoy using them.