Meet Our Front Desk Specialists!

Meet Our Front Desk Specialists!

Oct 18th 2022

Learn more about the beautiful (inside and out!) ladies that take care of you every time you visit or call clara by Vanguard.


Favorite clara product - Surge - It keeps me glowing all year round!

Favorite clara treatment - Chemical Peels

Fun fact about Malaina - I am from Kansas so naturally I am a HUGE Chief's fan!

What do you think of our clara clients? I could go on and on about things I love about our clients but I'll try to keep it short. I love how kind and personable our clients are, I love hearing their unique stories and getting to know them. I love that they trust us enough to ask us questions about treatments/products and I enjoy getting to educate them. Most of all I love seeing their beautiful faces and positivity when they walk in.



Favorite clara product - Essential C!!!!

Favorite clara treatment - Filler, always!!!

Fun fact about Alyssa - I can quote the entire "Elf" movie word for word

What do you think of our clara clients? I love how each patient is so personable and makes effort to get to know us each as individuals.