Our Aesthetician's Take on the Latest in Skin Renewal

Our Aesthetician's Take on the Latest in Skin Renewal

Posted by Madeline, Aesthetician on on Oct 18th 2022

Here at clara by Vanguard, we have an exciting new skin infusion treatment called the Collagenizer NEO™. The Collagenizer NEO™ device allows us to deliver product to deeper layers of the skin, providing better results with whichever cocktail of products suits your skin’s need.

What Are Exosomes?

Among those product cocktail options are exosomes. What exactly are exosomes, you ask? They are the next up and coming treatment in the world of aesthetics. Exosomes are essentially plasma rich platelet (PRP) alternatives that help heal tissues, stimulate collagen and elastin production, and calm inflammation. With these exosomes, we can achieve results comparable to a Vampire Facial® without having to deal with sticking needles anywhere. Exosomes will work best for folks looking to smooth texture, rejuvenate the skin, and aid in wrinkle, acne, and acne scar reduction.

How Are Exosomes Used in a Skin Treatment?

How does the Collagenizer NEO™ exosome experience work? We use a predictive permeation device to drive the exosomes (as well as Hyaluronic Acid) past the upper layers of the skin, allowing them to work their magic down in the dermis where they have the potential to be most transformative. There is no down time or discomfort during the process, all you do is sit back and relax!

Exosomes vs PRP

Why choose exosomes over PRP? Exosomes are derived from mesenchymal stem cells, meaning they can differentiate into a variety of cells. For instance, if exosomes from mesenchymal stem cells are placed within the kidney, they will help to repair the kidney tissues and if those same exosomes are placed within the dermis, they will change to help repair the skin’s tissues. They can make these changes depending on where they are placed and what they are needed to accomplish. Platelets within PRP are going to differ from exosomes in the sense that an individual’s platelets are only as healthy as that individual. A patient in his/her 80’s will not see the same effects as a patient in his/her 20’s when using PRP in restorative treatment.

Treatment Protocol with Exosomes

To get the best results, we recommend coming in once every 4 weeks for 3 sessions. We always like to start any skincare journey with a complimentary VISIA digital photo analysis to track how the skin is affected by our treatments, so don’t forget to get those pictures updated!