Retinol: A Skincare Favorite

Retinol: A Skincare Favorite

Posted by Lisa on on Aug 17th 2020

Hello, my name is Lisa and I love retinol! This has not always been the case. I have had my fair share of peeling and redness from retinol products. As someone that is already prone to sunburn, I know I have to be even more vigilant about protection when I use it. I also know it isn't for everybody. (For example, pregnant or breastfeeding women should hold off on using it, or any retinoid, until it is safe to do so.) If you are someone who is not going to wear sunscreen - retinol is not a good ingredient to start using. BUT...if you are looking for a topical product that minimizes fine lines, improves skin's texture, skin tone, and other signs of photo-aging, retinol is a great option.

Turn On the Wrinkle Reduction


Retinol works by flipping a switch in our skin. This switch tells our skin to produce more skin cells, more quickly. By speeding up cell renewal, skin cells are cycling at a rate where we benefit from improvements in how our skin looks on the surface. This "switch" in our skin cells are known as retinoic acid receptors. Retinol needs to be converted into a form these receptors can work with, which slows down the process. This makes retinol more gentle and tolerable for people that have struggled to use retinoic acid (i.e. tretinoin). Starting retinol slowing is recommended as a way to ease skin through the normal dryness and peeling that comes with kick-starting cellular turnover.

The Latest in Retinoids


An exciting new ingredient in the retinoid skin care family is Hydroxypinacolone Retinoate (HPR). This ingredient can bind directly to our retinoic acid receptors without the irritation that can come with retinoic acid. This means the skin benefits are closer to those results we get from retinoic acid with less irritation. One of the more exciting uses of HPR is to combine it with skin brightening ingredients, such as vitamin C and arbutin, to improve brown spots as well as lines and wrinkles. clara Medical Skin Care Bright Complex  - Triple Action Cream is one such product that offers these ingredients and benefits. (As a treat, dear reader, enjoy 25% off of Bright Complex in September when you use the code "BRIGHTSKIN").

With options like Retinol 5 to Bright Complex available, a clara Skin Consultant can help you find the best option for your skin and your skin goals. Schedule a virtual or in-person consultation to find the right retinol for you and learn more tips and tricks to get started. Call 719-579-5555 to schedule.