Start the Year with $350 Worth of Clara Skin Care - FOR FREE!

Start the Year with $350 Worth of Clara Skin Care - FOR FREE!

Posted by Lisa, clara Team Lead on on Jan 6th 2021

New Year's Resolutions, whether you officially participate in this tradition or not, chances are you have set some type of goal for the near future. When it comes to caring for our skin, many of us are on a constant search to do more, do better, or be more consistent when it comes to our skin health. This year, we want to help by offering you a chance to win a personalized skin care system from our clara Medical Skin Care line worth $350. Simply share your skin care resolution, tag us on Facebook @claramedispa or Instagram @shopclaraskin and use #clarachallenge. Two winners will be selected from these submissions. 

Curious about our resolutions for the New Year? Here are a few from our team members at Vanguard Skin Specialists and clara.

My skin goal for this up coming year is to stick to my night time skin routine; even when I am sleepy. - Mari Carter, Patient Services

Hike more in 2021 (I hope to go out every week but definitely twice a month). I want to learn coding to help out billing for Dr. Banich. - Elizabeth White, Surgery Coordinator

Not to neglect my neck and chest! I am starting the year trying RejuvaNeck for both areas and will be better about sunscreen there too! - Victoria Arriola, Skin Consultation

My new years resolution is to not buy anything for all of January (besides food and necessities, of course :) ) and possibly longer. I hope to become more thankful for the abundance that's already in my life! - Taylore Prinsen, Patient Services 

My resolution is to be more consistent with my regimen and to smile more! I am working on being more regular with my Latisse® (lash growth prescription) and clara Bright Custom Blend (prescription cream for brown spots, fine lines, and texture improvement). - Lee Lindsay, Patient Services

To stay on top of my skin redness with regular IPL treatments and faithful use of sunscreen. - Mandy Brown, Aesthetic Nurse

  1. Get vaccinated against COVID!
  2. Teach my dog Lily to communicate with conversation buttons!
  3. Master my camera
  4. Re-upholster an old chair
  5. Take a real vacation with my daughter!!
  6. Find a fly fishing buddy and a river in which to fish!

Terri Nagy, Dermatology Physician Assistant

My New Year's Resolution is to remove all social media from my phone and be present with the people around me. - Rachel Frederickson, Dermatology Physician Assistant

Be more physically active, read one book a month this year, and to treat my hands to the same care as my face - to apply VanguardMD Pure-Tinted SPF 44 every day and to use a drop or two of my Bright CEF on them nightly. - Lisa Boness, clara Team Lead

Whatever your goals are for 2021, we wish you all the best as you work towards achieving them. A few parting tips; create habits that align with your values and tomorrow is another day (to paraphrase author Wendy Wood and Scarlett O'Hara). Happy 2021!