Taking Care of Clara

Taking Care of Clara

Posted by Lisa, Skin Consultant on on Mar 26th 2020

Is there a single person out there that isn't going through a complete change in what daily life was like not that long ago? From how we work, where we can go, and who we are spending are days with - we are impacted in big and little ways by what is going on in the world around us.  At a recent meeting (before we saw quarantines and store closures ahead), our Executive Director, Leisle Chung, said something that has come to have even greater meaning to me. "clara doesn't belong to us. Each one of us are caretakers of clara," Leisle said. 

Change Your Skin. Change The World.

The goals of clara, improving an individual's skin health and changing the world at the same time, hasn't changed. The more we can be there for our clients and maintain as much of the product sales that allow us to give more back to organizations like World Vision, we will be able to guide clara through this time. Unlike a butterfly, who gets the time to transform from being a caterpillar, there is not a cocoon to take refuge in right now. We are all learning how to adapt to these circumstances in real time. For the clara caretakers, this means trying to find out how we continue to serve our mission in new ways.

How Are YOU?

You, the client that trusts us to advise you on skin care and services that will make a positive difference, are near to our hearts right now. We miss the time to work with each of you in person. To learn what is new in your life while we catch up on your skin changes. The private time spent analyzing your skin and learning more about what you wish to improve. The moments where you would say, "I sent someone in to see you all! I told them how great Mandy is and how you all take care of me." So how do we continue to have that connection when we can't safely meet in person? The solution we came up with is video or phone consultations. Maybe stress is causing changes in your skin or you had just started using something new from us. Checking in with a complementary virtual consultation is available. Call us at 719-579-5555 to schedule.

We Can Still Change the World Too

As businesses take a significant financial hit, we are well aware that many of you have been effected. At clara, we are talking daily about ways to make getting your favorite products as easy as possible. Up until the stay-at-home directive, we were thrilled to see so many of you take advantage of the clara curbside service and our online shopping option.Now that we are not able to get products into your hands as quickly, we have come up with other plans. You can continue to order your products at shopclara.com. We have added a gift with purchase, a full-size VanguardMD sunscreen, for orders over $75 and free shipping for orders over $50. We hope that we will be able to get these orders out as soon as April 13th. We will keep you updated, should that change. If we can keep good skin care in your regimen and continue to raise funds, we are staying true to clara.

Until we can see each other in person again, let's use this time to transform the best of ourselves for the times. I can't wait to hear all about it over some digital images of brown spots and UV damage!