What does it take to be called VanguardMD Sunscreen?

What does it take to be called VanguardMD Sunscreen?

Nov 8th 2018

What happens when you pull together Vanguard dermatologists who diagnose and treat thousands of skin cancers each year, and then you ask them to launch a sunscreen line?

You are going to get the pickiest team hunting for the right sunscreen formulations. We have spent the past year working on this product launch, and here’s what it looked like.. .

Looked for the Best

We evaluated sunscreens on the market to determine what makes them great ranging from ingredients to texture. Our aesthetician, doctors, and mid-levels looked at various formulations, providing input on what would make the sunscreen high quality and easy-to-wear. They thoroughly evaluated ingredients, opting for formulations that are clean, paraben free, and preservative free. Sunscreens are grounded in science, so the active ingredients were key.

Tested the Products

We tested the products. We wore them to the office and during the day, with makeup and without; and we checked to see how our skin felt after prolonged use. Our doctors tested the sunscreens on hikes and mountain climbing, to see how they withstood active wear. Team members of various skin types used the products to ensure no adverse reactions. We even took sunscreens poolside, applying them on ourselves and our kids. The clinical team wanted a product line they would be happy to wear personally and felt confident having their family use.

Vetted the Details

Most sunscreen formulations did not make the cut. Once we narrowed down our selection, we vetted the manufacturer. Our products are made in the USA in an FDA approved facility that adheres to all regulations. We asked questions and reviewed documentation to make sure we felt good about the process.

Introducing VanguardMD sunscreens

It took us many months before we felt confident enough to launch a sunscreen line that bears the Vanguard name. We hope you love these sunscreens as much as we do.

As our gift to you, for a limited time, we will provide a complimentary full size VanguardMD Sheer SPF 45 with every $159 purchase. Enjoy!