What to Do About Loose Skin

What to Do About Loose Skin

Posted by Lisa on on Aug 15th 2022

So you're noticing some loose skin on your neck. Maybe your eyelids and under eyes are looking a little more saggy than you remember. The good news is there are non-surgical options out there to help encourage your own skin to tighten on it's own. We offer three options at Vanguard Aesthetics, plasma energy, radio frequency, and heat delivered through a laser. They all work by stimulating skin's fibroblasts to produce more collagen and elastin. (To learn more about why skin becomes more lax over time, this past blog goes into the details.) Deciding which one is right for you and for the area you are treating, can be confusing at times. Sometimes a combination of several different treatments can be helpful. Of course, topicals like retinoids can be a tremendous help in this quest for tighter skin too! 


Mandy, RN Before & After Eye Treatment

One option out there is the use of plasma energy to create tiny, controlled burns in the skin in the area of concern.

The tip of the device creates an arc of energy that results in a superficial injury to the skin. When skin is injured, it goes into repair mode. In this case, the injury causes the skin to produce the components that give our skin firmness (elastin) and less lines (collagen). The skin is left with visible redness and possible swelling. Most patients plan this treatment when they can give themselves about a week of low visibility. PlasmaIQ can be repeated after a few years in the same area. Patients should enjoy several years of improved tightness with proper sun protection and the right skin care products.


Our newest treatment for skin tightening is the ThermiSmooth radio frequency treatment. Radio frequency stimulates the skin's fibroblasts to encourage more collagen and elastin. This treatment can be done on the face or in select areas, such as the eyes or jawline. The treatment feels warm with a slight tingle. Because it is radio frequency, patients with metal implants are not good candidates. There is no downtime for ThermiSmooth. Most patients have some slight flushing the day of treatment. This treatment delivers optimum results with three treatments spaced four weeks a part. After that, a once a year maintenance treatment will lengthen results.

Titan Laser

Patient treated 3 times with Titan in the neck area

Much like ThermiSmooth, there is no downtime with the treatment. Titan uses deep thermal heating to trigger the same collagen and elastin renewal process in the skin. This treatment is ideal for areas, such as the neck, jawline, or upper arms. This laser works best in a series of three treatments spaced out every four weeks. Most patients describe the warmth as a deeper more intense sensation. One to two treatments yearly afterwards are recommended.


All of these treatments will deliver their best results three months after treatment is completed. These are not instant gratification treatments, but they do make a difference over time in improving skin laxity. All three treatment work by triggering a remodel of the skin's support structure. By allowing the skin to do what it does best, and complimenting the treatment of choice with a commitment to sun protection and medical grade skin care, you can enjoy longer lasting improvements. 

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