What To Do About Wrinkles

What To Do About Wrinkles

Posted by Lisa, Skin Consultant on on Mar 2nd 2020

I don’t like how my mouth looks downturned now…These folds seem to be getting deeper along my cheeks…My lips look smaller and the lines around them are making me feel like I look older!

I have a had many conversations with clients lately about what we all notice as our face matures. The one thing that always comes up is that the changes are not always what we were told to expect. Sure, we all know lines, wrinkles, and brown spots are common. But what do we do about the sense that our face appears to be “drooping”, jowls become apparent, and the mouth area looks lined and even puckered? There are several things at play as we see these changes. This month I want to tackle that age-old question - “is it possible to lose the lines?”

Aging - It Is More Than Skin Deep

If what we have been told through commercials is true, we all just need to find the magical potions and creams that will erase the signs of aging. One of my favorites out there right now is an ad for a product that appears to magically erase lines and crepiness like a magic wand. If only there was a product that works as a real-life filter to blur lines and wrinkles! This is where sunscreen and sun protection come in as the best-performers when it comes to a healthy skin regimen. The effects of UV and blue-light (also called photoaging) on skin is estimated to contribute to 90% of the visual sign of aging. It isn’t too late to start protecting the skin from this damage.

61-year-old twins. One smokes and lives in Florida the other lives in the north and avoids sun exposure. Source: ScienceDaily

It’s All About That Base

The fat pads that help give our face and skin structure, shrink and fall lower as we mature. I often refer to this part of our anatomy as the box spring of the skin. As these pads become thinner and move, they leave behind volume loss. This means the skin on top is at the mercy of gravity and the pull of these shifting pads. Skin is pulled downward. This can lead to a less defined jawline, jowls become noticeable. The corners of the mouth can become downturned while the face is at rest. Even the chin can look more dimpled and the lips appear smaller and creased around the lip line. Stimulating collagen growth and replacing the volume caused by fat displacement is one way to address the structure changes.

Source: Allergan

“Your Face Will Freeze Like That!”, exclaims Mom

There are some more recent discussions out there about celebrities who try to maintain little to now expression changes to prevent movement lining. These expression lines, or dynamic lines, are real. (Maybe mom was kind of right about making faces). Like any muscle that gets more of a workout, these muscles that help us express do get a stronger. Stronger muscles and repetitive use will make the skin that is folding more prone to static lines. Those are the lines, typically found between our eyes, on our forehead, around our mouth, and even on our neck, that stay visible when we are not expressing. I don’t know about you, but the thought of not showing my emotions or moving my face, does not sound worth it. A happy medium for some is to explore products that inhibit some of the muscle movement or injectables that stop if for 3 to 4 months at a time. Whether you decide to minimize this effect or enjoy these signs of a life lived, there is no wrong approach.

Now What?

Starting with a skin health check-up with a dermatology provider is always a great idea. After all, healthy skin looks better. If you would like to put together a plan to address the signs of aging, there are options. At clara and Vanguard Aesthetics we offer a complimentary consultation so that you can find out more about what we offer. Our Visia skin analysis digital platform, a central feature of this consultation, allows us to keep track of these changes and to share the data and images with you. Our team at Vanguard Skin Specialists offer total body skin exams at all five locations: Canon City, south and north Colorado Springs, Pueblo, and Woodland Park. Schedule your appointment 719-355-1585. clara is located at the Vanguard Skin Specialists Grand Cordera Parkway in north Colorado Springs. Call 719-579-5555 to schedule your consultation at clara.