Her Heart and Soul - 2021's "Extraordinary You" Winner

Her Heart and Soul - 2021's "Extraordinary You" Winner

May 21st 2021

When you first meet Paula Levy, Executive Director of DayBreak, it is her gentle and easy approach, along with the good-humored twinkle in her eyes, that put you at ease. When we received a nomination for Paula as an "Extraordinary You" nominee, it was a unanimous decision to honor her this year. She has committed her  professional life to the care of of Alzheimer's patients and to people with dementia. For over 30 years, Paula has been working in Colorado Springs and Woodland Park in several capacities in the service of these patients and their families. "It is my heart and soul," says Paula. 

Paula founded DayBreak, an Adult Day Program in Woodland Park in 2015. DayBreak is a place where families can trust their loved ones to be cared for while they take a deserved break to recharge. "When someone has dementia or Alzheimer's, their loved ones are grieving every day. They grieve the loss of the person they knew and the memories they have of them. While they are with us, we know them as who they are now. We accept them where they are," Paula explains. Supporting the caregivers allows for them to care for themselves and to continue to give their best to their family member. 

"We have had people with Traumatic Brain Injury, dementia, Parkinson's Disease, strokes, and scoliosis as part of our program. They come from Teller County, Colorado Springs, and even further," says Paula. Since 2015, they have outgrown their current space and are looking for a facility in Woodland Park with at least 3,000 square feet to move to in 2022. "We have such tremendous support from our donors and the community. When we have needed something, we have received it," says Paula.

Paula is a mother of three sons. Her pride for each of them is evident as she shares how her oldest son, Max, recently took over the two family restaurants after her husband, Neil, passed away. Along with Max's role as General Manager of the Swiss Chalet and The Peppertree restaraunts, he is the Chief Operating Officer and Vice President at Park State Bank and Trust in Woodland Park. Sam, 22, is completing his Bachelor Degree at the University of Oklahoma and youngest son, Lou, is studying Business Management at the University of Colorado in Boulder. 

"I like to keep moving. I don't like to sit still, there is always something that can be done," shares Paula. This is what makes her extraordinary. Paula's dedication to her family and to seniors and their caregivers in our community make her a true one-of-a-kind individual. We are pleased to announce Paula Levy as this year's winner. Thank you for all you do and give, Paula. We look forward to treating you at clara and Vanguard Aesthetics. DayBreak will also receive a financial donation on behalf of Vanguard Skin Specialists and clara. If you wish to learn more about Paula and DayBreak please click here.