Makeup Not Required - Glowing Skin Tips

Makeup Not Required - Glowing Skin Tips

Posted by Lisa, Aesthetics Manager on on Feb 20th 2023

"I want to feel like I don't have to wear makeup". This is the most common goal we hear during a VISIA consultation. This desire hits at the core of what most of us really want, the confidence that feeling good in our own skin brings. What we don't hear is "I want perfect skin" is about having our own best, healthiest skin. 20+ years of knowledge gained working in the makeup and skin care profession has helped me to identify one of the key components to having confidence in your skin - achieving and maintaining bright, glowing skin. 

Be Gone, Dead Skin

Exfoliation is defined as "the process in which layers of tissue peel or are peeled off an organism, such as the distinctive ways in which bark peels off a tree in strips or flakes." Natural maturing, stress, sun exposure, and even high sugar diets can be factors in why skin cell turnover slows down. When cellular turnover gets sluggish the result in how our skin looks is dullness and increased texture. A buildup of dead skin can also be part of the conditions that exasperate acne.  

Four Tips to Turn Up the Glow

  1. Consider a Chemical Peel
  2. Add Retinol or Tretinoin to Your Skin Regime
  3. Use a Weekly Peel Pad at Home
  4. Protect with Sunscreens that Glow (one great option is VanguardMD Pure-Tinted SPF 44)

Personalized Exfoliation Advice

We can help you find that glow again with help of our digital analysis images combined with our expertise. This free skin consultation allows us to learn more about your skin to find the type of exfoliation that suites you best. These appointments are available Monday through Friday at our office in Briargate on Grand Cordera Parkway. Please call us at 719-579-5555 to schedule your visit.