The Importance of At-Home Care When Considering Aesthetic Treatments

The Importance of At-Home Care When Considering Aesthetic Treatments

Posted by Stephanie, Aesthetic Nurse on on Jun 19th 2023

Daily Skin Care Routine Can Make or Break Aesthetic Treatment Results

We begin every treatment consultation in clara by Vanguard with a thorough review of what our patients are doing every day to care for their skin. We do this because treatment results are better, and we minimize adverse reactions when the skin is hydrated, nourished, and at its baseline color. This article will review how ingredients in daily skin care products relate to treatment outcomes that we offer at clara.

What causes Brown Spots?

Melanocytes are cells in our skin that provide pigment. These cells become more active when our skin is exposed to sun, has an injury or experiences hormone fluctuations. This darkening is part of our natural defensive and healing response. These cells are the reason we can “get a tan”. As we age, most of us will notice that dark spots develop, and create uneven skin color. These spots are clusters of active melanocytes.

Medical Grade Daily Routine Products and Brown Spot Lightening Procedures

Daily-Use Ingredients

Daily skin care routine makes a huge difference in the success or failure of managing brown spots. We encourage patients to use SPF, and Vitamin C at minimum to prevent development of brown spots. Adding Vitamin A and Arbutase delivers even more dramatic results. At clara we love to customize our formulations with these ingredients for each person so that the routine is just a few very simple steps.

SPF blocks a percentage of UVB rays from getting into the skin, which prevents our melanocytes from becoming more active and producing an excess of pigment. It also helps to prevent some skin cancers.

Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that nourishes your skin, enabling it to maintain health and beauty. It lightens brown spots because it downregulates the tyrosinase enzyme. Reduction of tyrosinase action inhibits the first step of melanocyte production. Nourished skin ages slower, resulting in less dark age-spots and reduced skin cancer risk.

Vitamin A is an exfoliant and works by stimulating faster shedding of skin than usual. When our skin sheds old skin, our body responds by building new skin cells. The results are literally fresher, younger skin cells. Vitamin A comes in many forms, the most popular being retinol and tretinoin.

Arbutase is a medication that inhibits excess melanin from attaching to healthy skin cells. When used with Vitamin A, the melanocytes down regulate, while the overly pigmented skin cells shed.

Moisturizer - Dry skin is dehydrated, thirsty, and extra sensitive. Ensuring adequate hydration enhances treatment results and can prevent hypersensitivity reactions. Hydrated skin is also smoother. We have multiple moisturizing products available. We can help you choose the perfect product for you.

When we combine SPF, Vitamin C, Vitamin A with Arbutase , and proper hydration we are shielding from UV damage, keeping the melanocytes from becoming overactive, replacing skin cells faster, all while keeping our skin hydrated. The result of using these ingredients together is an impressive lightening of brown spots as well as smoother texture.

Medical Grade In-Office Procedures

Renew Chemical Peel

Our Renew Peel is an incredible way to reduce pigment fast. This peel works by combining high strength acids and tretinoin. These carefully chosen ingredients work by inhibiting melanin production and reducing inflammation and bacteria. The results are an average of 2-3 weeks of peeling, followed by very smooth texture, and dramatic lightening of stubborn pigment.

Prepping for the Renew Chemical Peel

When preparing for a medical grade chemical peel, it is important that the skin is as calm as possible. Calm skin is well hydrated and protected from UV. If skin is dry or sunburned prior to the peel, recovery will be much harder, and the risk of complications increases. Patients who use Vit A routinely prior to a peel, often find the recovery easier, but the results equally impressive.

IPL Laser

Our IPL Laser is a great way to lighten brown spots quickly because it directly targets melanin. Lasers project wavelengths of light that are attracted to pigment produced by our melanocytes. When the laser light connects with overly pigmented skin energy is absorbed and the dark cells get smaller. The result is a lighter spot, and more even skin tone overall.

Prepping for Laser Brown Spot Reduction Treatment

Baseline color is the natural pigment level in your skin when it is not tan from sun exposure. Ensuring baseline color with diligent UV protection is especially important when we are setting out to lighten brown spots with a laser. Sometimes we recommend pre-treating with Arbutase prior to treatment as well. If the skin is darker than baseline (from natural UV or self-tanning products), the melanocytes will absorb too much laser energy, and we can permanently destroy them. This could result in bleached out polka dots, that are potentially permanent. No one wants to trade a dark brown spot for a bright white spot!

How To Maintain Even Skin Tone?

We maintain baseline color when we wear sunscreen every day, and continuing the routine of Vitamin C, Vitamin A with Arbutase, and good moisturizing after a procedure will help maintain and continue to enhance the evening of skin tone.