What Is A "Liquid Facelift" Anyway?

What Is A "Liquid Facelift" Anyway?

Posted by Lisa, Skin Consultant on on Feb 18th 2020

There seems to be two choices when it comes to making changes to our appearance. The surgical route, under the skilled hands of an American Society of Plastic Surgeons board-certified physician, can be transformative. The second option that comes to mind for many are injectables. Dermal fillers can correct thinning lips or add lift and volume to cheeks. Neurotoxins are the most popular injectable for a reason.This treatment relaxes the muscles that have grown strong enough to cause deeper lines between the eyes or on the forehead. Enjoying a smoother, less-lined face for three to four months, as a result of a thirty minute appointment with an experienced injector, makes products like BOTOX CosmeticXEOMIN, and Dysport the most performed minimally invasive procedure in the U.S. (Curious about what BOTOX is like for someone trying it for the first time? Follow Adeline along as Mandy, Aesthetic Nurse at Vanguard Plastic Surgery & Aesthetics, treats her forehead and eye area in this video).

Is there an in-between option if surgery is a consideration and injectables for one feature aren't going to address all concerns? This is where the "liquid facelift" comes in. Having recently had my own liquid facelift and the opportunity to learn more about the pretreatment assessment, I am excited to pass what I learned along to those of you considering this for yourself.

The Assessment

                                                              Pre-Treatment, Lisa

Full disclosure here, I have had some specific features already treated with injectables prior to my liquid facelift. I was introduced to the line smoothing benefits of BOTOX years ago and have used it off and on in my 30's and 40's. I have XEOMIN for treatment of forehead lining and glabellar lining (the "11's" between my eyes) currently. I have also had my lips treated for a more defined lip line with Volbella. The assessment started with the injector trainer taking a look at my face as a whole. She did not narrow down to one particular feature, but instead used symmetry to guide her advice for me. "The Triangle of Youth is what I am looking for. As we age, the face appears to fall or drop, becoming more of a pyramid. The triangle becomes inverted. I am looking for the little things that will bring that pyramid back to the more youthful position," she explains. My eyes look more shallow and my jawline isn't as defined as it used to be. These two things give the appearance of that inverted triangle. Gravity, bone loss, and volume lass can all attribute to these changes we experience. She suggested jawline contouring with dermal filler and tear trough enhancement, also with dermal filler. I was eager to have Mandy work her magic and make it happen!


The Results

These tweaks and additions made made a difference! My face appears more lifted, and I am enjoying a brighter appearance. I don't look "done". That is attributed to the skill and aesthetic eye of the injector, Mandy. Liquid facelifts, using dermal filler and products like BOTOX to soften lines and wrinkles can be a great addition to a surgical procedure, like a neck lift too. The goal is bring that symmetry and youthful triangle to the overall appearance of the patient. 

I am writing this three days after my liquid facelift and am already pleased with what I am seeing. It can take a few weeks for swelling to reduce and the filler to settle. I am someone that easily swells, so I expect that with my treatments. I avoid anything that could thin my blood prior to and immediately after dermal filler treatments, like alcohol or aspirin. I am not on any prescribed medication that thins blood, always check with your doctor before stopping any medications. I try to sleep with an extra pillow for a few days after treatment and use cold packs the day of treatment to keep swelling down. I can see the immediate changes the dermal filler has made to my appearance and I am pleased with the results. For me, building on what I have already had done has been the right approach. I want to look like me still, just better. 

Ready to Explore Your Own Liquid Facelift?

The assessment is the place to start. At clara, we offer a complimentary skin consultation to introduce you to us and to our treatment options. This allows us to get to know you, your goals, what you have had done, and what you are thinking about doing. We also believe healthy skin looks better when you do pursue minimally invasive and surgical options. If a liquid facelift or surgical procedure is something you are considering, we can also set you up with a consultation with Dr. James Banich or for treatment with Mandy Brown, RN of Vanguard Plastic Surgery & Aesthetics. Call clara at 719-579-5555 to schedule your free skin consultation. We are located at 9348 Grand Cordera Parkway, suite 120, in Colorado Springs, 80924. Consultations are available Monday mornings and during office hours Tuesday through Thursday.