What it Means to My Family to Sponsor a Child

What it Means to My Family to Sponsor a Child

Posted by Stephanie, Aesthetic RN on on Aug 17th 2023

Getting to know a real child’s name, seeing a photo of them, along with personal correspondence changed things for me. My friend has personally suffered because of hunger, lack of education, and many other hardships due to extreme poverty in his local community. My friend lives with his own family, who love him very much, and are doing everything they can to provide for him. I love that we are supporting the child's family, so that they can stay together. Through World Vision my family has been able to partner with his parents to make sure he has improved safety at home, healthy food, clothing, and education.

Our friend chose us to sponsor him because when he saw our family photo he noticed that we have a dog. Apparently, he loves dogs! We have sent him more information about our dog Mowgli and some extra pictures too. I love how we have been able to connect our family with his over something so simple.... a family dog. He also loves toy cars.

It has been a wonderful experience for our own kids to get to know a child who lives in a place so different from Colorado Springs. They are discovering new levels of compassion in their own hearts, as they interact with a child who is so grateful for basic needs that we often take for granted. My prayer is that our children will see the power of generosity and friendship changing our friend's life over time. I am so thankful for the opportunity to sponsor our friend in Honduras. He is precious, and his future is bright, because he is surrounded by love, and is now provided with what he needs to be healthy.

Stephanie, along with other clara by Vanguard team members, joined Vanguard Skin Specialists in a "Chosen Party" for the children in the community of Promesa del Sur in Honduras sponsored by World Vision. This allowed the children in Promesa del Sur to choose their sponsors from the pictures the sponsors submitted to the community. 

On November 17th, 2022, the Vanguard team came together for the Chosen Party to find out which child selected them and why. The sponsors continue foster these relationships and send a month financial donation to their sponsored child. 

To learn more about this project with World Vision or sponsoring a child, please follow this link.