The Art and Science of Reducing  Wrinkles and Tightening Skin

The Art and Science of Reducing Wrinkles and Tightening Skin

Jul 5th 2021

When looking for products and treatments for lines and wrinkles, there is no lack of options! What becomes tricky is when we are looking for products and treatments that will deliver on promises made. In order to see changes and improvement in one of the key indicators of aging, lines and wrinkles, the function matters more than the form. Seeking exotic skin treatments endorsed by social media influencers or fancy creams and serums that our friend swears by are becoming less likely ways to determine what to do for our own skin. Simply put, we want ingredients and treatments that deliver real results.

"I like to combine therapies for my patients concerned with wrinkles. A good at-home product system that includes a serum with line-preventing peptides (try Revox 7 by Revision Skincare), a zinc-based sunscreen, and the addition of retinol for nighttime use combined with an in-office treatment such as Laser Genesis, can result in skin that is brighter and less-lined," shares Mandy Brown, Aesthetic RN at Vanguard Aesthetics. 

Plasma IQ, the latest treatment option at Vanguard Aesthetics for wrinkles is available this fall. Mandy has been looking for an additional treatment option to offer for patients looking for improvement in skin laxity. Deeper crow's feet, mouth area lining (such as the vertical lines around the lips, and neck crepiness are some of the most common concerns for people seeking treatment at Vanguard.  Plasma IQ allows for a precise arc of plasma to create micro-injuries that cause the skin's natural healing process to kick-in and produce more collagen. 

Appointment times vary from 30 minutes to an hour, depending on the area(s) being treatment. A topical numbing agent is used to minimize discomfort. Downtime is about a week as the tiny "dots" heal. Some patients will also receive a post-care kit, as determined by the Vanguard Aesthetics provider conducting the Plasma IQ treatment. Cost is likely to range from $500 to $1500 per area. If weighing all options and treatment plans for wrinkles, the best way to start is with a complimentary consultation with out clara Skin Consultant. Call 719-579-5555 to schedule an appointment.

Whether considering treatment options at Vanguard Aesthetics for wrinkle-reduction, such as Laser Genesis, or surgical options, for example a neck lift, prevention of more wrinkles and maintenance after a procedure are key. Consistent use of sunscreen, year-round, is necessary for skin to look it's best. Limiting free radical exposure to skin, by not smoking and protecting the skin from pollution, is also helpful. When treatment options are the next resort for minimizing wrinkles, the condition of the skin determines the better outcome. Think of skin as the canvas. A talented artist can use high-quality paints and brushes to create a masterwork of art but if the canvas is in bad condition, the result is less than desired. Being a partner to your plastic surgeon or aesthetic provider by doing all you can to create the healthiest skin possible can mean the difference between minimal improvement to a more pleasing result.