Tightening and Toning: Combating Aging Skin

Tightening and Toning: Combating Aging Skin

Posted by Lisa on on Jul 23rd 2021

There is an analogy I have used for years to describe the different options when it comes to looking younger and here it we need to improve the mattress or the bedding or both? In simple terms, we either don't like the look of the lack of volume and structure on our face or body, we don't like the look of sagging of our skin, or it's a combination of both. If I can learn what exactly is behind the issue that has someone seeking advice on what they can do, I can better formulate a treatment plan that improves appearance. So before you start that de-aging redecorating project, allow me to explain a little further on why a comprehensive plan is the best way to go to make changes you will be pleased with.

Aging Skin - The In's and Out's

Have you ever pulled tight on a fitted sheet when making a bed with a sagging mattress? At first it hides the dip in the mattress and then the first time you sleep or sit on the bed, the dip is visible again. As our skin ages, which starts with the slow down of collagen and elastin production in our late twenties, it loses fullness and thickness. Later on, the fat pads in our face become thinner and the effects of gravity pulls them downwards. The fibroblasts, the cells in our skin that make our collagen and elastin, slow down and become less productive. 

These things all combine to lead to structure changes in and under our skin. That's why a surgeon, for example, isn't going to do liposuction without discussing what to do about the lax skin created when the volume is lost. It's why aesthetics procedures, such as Plasma IQ (which addresses fibroblasts), work best with preventive aging measures like good sunscreen use and medical grade topical products. There isn't a magic surgery, treatment, or product that works best all by itself. 

A Treatment or A Treatment Plan

So while you are considering something such as dermal filler to add volume where it is now missing, also consider helping the skin become it best version by adding treatments and products that improve lines and wrinkles. Thinking about cosmetic surgery, such as eyelid surgery? A treatment like BOTOX Cosmetic, once your surgeon has given you to go-ahead, can enhance results by softening lines around the eyes.

My advice is to ask your aesthetics provider, skin consultant, or plastic surgeon "what other things can I do to get the best results?". A comprehensive, long-term plan is always a good choice to get the most from your aesthetic procedures. Reducing external causes of aging - don't smoke, practice good sun prevention habits, maintain a healthy weight, stay active, and reduce dietary sugar - will go a long way, even without any procedures!

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