Help for Red, Reactive Skin is Here

Help for Red, Reactive Skin is Here

Posted by Lisa, Aesthetics Manager on on Feb 16th 2024

When skin flushes easily, the social discomfort can be even more uncomfortable for some. Being asked “are you okay?” or “did that embarrass you?” can bring unwanted attention to a sensitive skin condition that 16 million Americans deal with according to the American Academy of Dermatology. This can be especially true for menopausal women, people with fair skin, and people with family members with diagnosed rosacea. It is important to note that rosacea can also affect darker skin tones and can also be diagnosed in the eyes as ocular rosacea.

There are numerous triggers that cause sensitive skin to flush. These triggers vary by individual. They include environmental triggers, such as cold wind, dry air, and sustained warmth from hot showers or a hot climate. Self-care products such as hair care products, fragrances found in skin care products, and ingredients such as witch hazel, and some types of alcohols can cause the tell-tale signs of stinging and heat that go along with the redness and flushing. Others will find that stress or certain foods and drinks will stimulate the redness in their face (and even chest and back, for some).

Besides the emotional distress this can cause some people, the long-term effects of constantly flushing skin are visible blood vessels, thickening of the skin, and acne-like bumps. Rosacea is a chronic condition. Lessening the severity and frequency of the flushing is important. The National Rosacea Society recommends keeping a journal of flushing and what the possible triggers may be in order to learn what to avoid and to share with your dermatologist.

At clara, our expertise is in topical skin care products that can bring some relief and may reduce the redness over time. The focus by Vanguard has a selection of cleansers, moisturizers, and treatment products made with the redness-prone client in mind. Like all of our medical grade skin care products, we avoid parabens, fragrance, and other ingredients known as “fillers” in our focus by Vanguard line for redness. Fillers are non-active ingredients, like some emulsifiers, that can cause irritation for some skin types.

We are introducing two new products this month in the focus by Vanguard line that are for those that deal with chronic redness from skin conditions such as rosacea and acne. The Comfort Soothing Complex is a calming, moisturizing cream for redness-prone skins. With 5% Azelaic acid ester and 4% Niacinamide, this formulation is designed to sooth and calm red, flushed skin.

We recommend using this product morning and night after a gentle cleanser, such as our Gentle Foaming Cleanser. For daytime protection, after cleansing and applying the Comfort Soothing Complex, the third step is to apply a chemical-free sunscreen. Some good options in sunscreen for this sensitive skin are UV Luxe SPF 40 in the clara Medical Skin Care line, this formula is offered in a light/medium or medium/dark shade range, or Vanguard Skin Specialists own VanguardMD Pure-Tinted SPF 44.

The second new product in the focus by Vanguard line for redness is the Soothe Green Cream. This elegant, green-tinted cream will reduce the appearance of redness with the color correction benefits of a green tint. While providing the visual reduction in the look of redness, it also contains 2% Niacinamide and 4% Quassia extract to calm and reduce the reactive redness in skin.

We recommend Soothe Green Cream after cleansing your face with a soap-free cleanser, such as the Gentle Foaming Cleanser, then apply a moisturizer free of fragrance, preservative, parabens, and alcohols such as the focus by Vanguard Surge Moisturizer, finally apply a thin layer of Soothe Green Cream. For AM, finish with a protective layer of physical (non-chemical) sunscreen. For evening, the Soothe Green Cream and Surge Moisturizer can be replaced with the Comfort Soothing Complex.

Suggested Skin Care Routines for sensitive, redness-prone skin:


Not sure where to start? Call us for a free skin care consultation. This appointment includes a look at your redness with our Digital Skin Analysis imaging system called VISIA. Call clara at 719-579-5555 to schedule a skin care consultation. These are offered Monday through Friday at our Briargate location inside Vanguard Skin Specialists.

This blog is about general skincare advice for those prone to flushed and chronic red skin. This advice may also apply to those that have been diagnosed with rosacea.

If you suspect rosacea, we recommend a visit to a dermatology provider for a diagnosis and treatment plan. To schedule a visit with a Vanguard Skin Specialists provider, please call 719-355-1585.